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Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

At the beginning of 2020, in the context of Iraq’s vision Project, SinerjiPro had started electrical / electronic infrastructure and superstructure operations of the Central Bank construction, but the company stopped its activities within its Baghdad Office which was established in 2019, due to the outbreak of Covid19 pandemic.

Serving as economic soldiers of our country in one of the most complicated regions of the world in terms of politics, economy and military, SinerjiPro team will soon be traveling to Baghdad again.

The ancient city of the Middle East, where the world-renowned building designer and architect, late Zaha Hadid’s dream for her country will be realized, had spent half a century with great turmoil and war caused by political and economic stalemates.

At this point, we proudly state and declare that we are here as SinerjiPro in this very smart building, which is expected to be the symbol of peace, prosperity and development, not only for Iraq but for the whole Middle East.

SinerjiPro, which undertakes all the electrical / electronic infrastructure and superstructure operations of the biggest and the most popular project of the region, is about to enter the field again under the roof of the main contractor DAAX Construction MMC.

Our team, which will take all necessary precautions against the adversities of the pandemic, is mostly composed of Iraqi citizens apart from our management staff. Thereby, as the local community will be benefiting from the employment opportunities we provided, we’ll be contributing to the country’s economy.

Within the Iraqi Central Bank Project, 18 of the 22 engineers and technicians who form the backbone of our electrical / electronic team are Turkish, apart from 4 Iraqi citizens. 50 of the 160 electrical and electronic master staff in Baghdad are Turkish and 30 of them are Azerbaijani. 80 Iraqi citizens also work within the same team.


We took responsibility both for cherishing the dream of Zaha Hadid, who created an awesome beauty like Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center in Baku, as well as making feel the presence of Turkey with all its power and effectiveness by aiming to prove that we are the soldiers of Turkey’s economy.

Now, back on duty, we are proud to be involved in the construction of a wonderful building that will add great vision to the future of a country, with all our professional responsibility and diligence.


Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

Ufuk Aydın, our Chairman of the Board, was the guest of the live broadcast of A Para channel’s high-rated economy program, İhracatın Yıldızları.

Aydın answered the questions of the program host Şafak TÜKLE about our company. Aydın, who shared our company’s profile and shared his vision for the future perspective of SinerjiPro, also reminded that Turkish companies operating abroad were also engaged in diplomacy.

Defining SinerjiPro as a “Soldier of Economy”, Ufuk Aydın pointed out that our business volume grew with the power we received from our state and that employment was increased accordingly. A We would like to thank the Money / Export Stars program team for their interest and sincerity to the SinerjiPro team.


Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

SinerjiPro, once again has improved its business volume thanks to the unconditional customer satisfaction it has been providing with the help of its knowledgeable and well-informed team.

We won the tender for the design and implementation of the electromechanical works of UH57 Business Offices.

UH57 Business Offices are located in the Baku business district, surrounded by elite elements in all respects. SinerjiPro has undertaken the electromechanical works of UH57 Business Offices.

We will work with all our strength to deliver this project perfectly within the given time.


Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

From now on, we will be working in the Middle East, too. We’ve started acting as a soldier of economy for our country in the world’s most chaotic region in political, economical and military aspects.

The Baghdad Office of SinerjiPro is now in service. Our office will closely monitor the ongoing and planned projects of our company in the Iraqi region and act as the representative of the newly formed and accelerating construction sector.


Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

The successful activities of our company in Turkey and abroad are widely covered in the media. We hosted the program team for “Ebru Destan ile Şehirde Gündem” of TV8 International at our Baku Office.

Ufuk Aydın, Chairman of the Board, talked to the program presenter Bengi Aydoğan about the development process of our company, its fields of activity, ongoing projects and future targets.

Aydin, our Chairman of the Board, particularly touched on SinerjiPro’s activities abroad and pointed out Technology-oriented companies to be one of the most important representatives of Turkey’s economic power in the World.

Informing the audience about our company’s, which has been one of the few companies doing business in three continents in the field of smart building automations, Baghdad Office being put into service, Ufuk Aydın, Chairman of the Board has expressed his feeling as follows: “All these successes do not only belong to us or our company, they belong to our country. We are very proud of them”.

We would like to thank TV8 International and the “Ebru Destan ile Şehirde Gündem” team for the interest they’ve shown in our company.


Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

Our mission regarding the operation of Baku Conference Center was signed for the coming periods.

Baku Congress Center, which is one of the important buildings that constitute the new and modern identity of Baku, is a multifunctional facility in the city center. Baku Congress Center, the largest congress center in the Caucasus, stands out as an ultra-modern venue with the capacity to host international events at the highest level.

We are proud that we will assume the responsibility of hosting all the events to be held at this magnificent building.

The building has large common areas, an elegant and striking architecture and 15 different conference venues, one of which is an auditorium for 3 500 people.

Baku Conference Center; a high-security living space that hosts many important congresses in science, art and many other fields. We’ve undertaken the task of technical operations of this building, which is visited by thousands of people every day, for the coming years.

It is a great pleasure and rightful pride for us to assume the responsibility of hosting all the events to be held at this magnificent center.


Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

One of the most glorious of the Project of City Hospitals, which has been deemed as a revulation in Turkey’s health policy, has been inaugurated at a ceremony to which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has also attended. The hospital, the construction of which has started three years ago, is now open to an average of 4.000 patient admissions a day.

Ankara Bilkent City Hospital is the largest City Hospital of our country with a total of 3,810 beds. The giant complex includes General, Cardiovascular, Neurology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Oncology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, High Security Forensic Psychiatry hospital buildings.

The facility, which is the pride of our healthcare sector, has a closed area of 1 million 312 thousand 358 square meters on a land of 674 thousand square meters. The hospital also has 131 operating theaters, a laboratory of 7,400 square meters and dozens of connected medical units and a parking lot with a capacity of 6,918 vehicles.

As SinerjiPro, we are delighted to be among the components that make this huge investment of our state in the health sector.

In the main building of Bilkent Ankara City Hospital, the automation, weak current systems and test procedures that we have undertaken as SinerjiPro were completed before the opening. We will complete our remaining works in ancillary service buildings in the giant project which is the pride of our company in July.


Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

SinerjiPro has completed the turn-key of another investment that will add great power to Azerbaijan’s health tourism potential.

The 45 thousand square meter hotel, where we have undertaken electromechanical works with a team of 400 people, is now waiting for new guests.

Our work has been completed at the Thermal Hotel in Lenkeran, one of the most important thermal tourism hotels in Azerbaijan.

At the Lenkeran Thermal Hotel, we worked as the contractor of PAŞA İnşaat (PMD), a high quality construction and building company of Paşa Holding, one of the most important companies in Azerbaijan.

We worked with a team of 400 people at the Lenkeran Spa Hotel, one of the major construction areas of SinerjiPro abroad.

Our works at Lenkeran Thermal Hotel, which will become an important source of healing of our sister country in the near future, covering a total of 2.500 square meters, have been completed within the promised time. With its excellent technical infrastructure and system operation logic, the giant facility, which is ready for service, has become one of the exemplary structures of Azerbaijan in its field. Lenkeran Thermal Hotel is a new source of happiness and pride for SinerjiPro.


Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

TV8 International’s business / economic program “Şehrin Nabzı”, which brings the success of the business world to the masses, was in our Istanbul office.

Program presenter Fatoş Karaot listened to the story of SinerjiPro from our Chairman Ufuk Aydın and our General Manager Serkan Kurnazoğlu in our headquarters in Istanbul.

Our General Manager Kurnazoğlu made detailed explanations about the areas of activity, completed and ongoing projects of our company. Kurnazoğlu emphasized the activities of SinerjiPro, especially in high-tech buildings and stated that our company updates itself in terms of both technology and information every year.

Our Chairman, Ufuk Aydın also summarized our companies activities, especially focusing on the ones abroad.

Underlining that SinerjiPro has now been active for over 13 years in Azerbaijan, Aydın defined our company as a “Soldier of Economy” of Turkey and added “We think the slogan of “One Nation, Two States” is of utmost importance. Happily for us, the young people have also grasped the deep meaning of these words and working towards it. I am very pleased and honored to be in Azerbaijan”.

We would like to thank TV8 International and the “Şehrin Nabzı” team for the interest they’ve shown in our company.


Flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain might get ‘em but the law never will! Makin their way the only way how.

Our rapid progress in the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) project, which has a special place for us, as SinerjiPro, due to being an educational institution, goes on. The North campus is now ready for opening.

As SinerjiPro, we are proud to work with all our employees in buildings that are suitable for ADA, which will raise the world leaders of the future.

ADA is an international relations university established in March 2006 under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. The main purpose of the institution is to prepare experts for diplomatic career in foreign affairs of Azerbaijan. However, due to the interest in different countries around the world and the increase in student profile, the scope was expanded with the addition of many academic departments. ADA, apart from the young people who have received quality education to reinforce the diplomatic prestige of our sister country in the world, is also knwon for its quality of education in financial and engineering fields.

The road to this important goal is to build a campus consisting of buildings that are flawless in its infrastructure and technology. Our company, which came into play at this point, was rewarded for its effort and success in the first phase of ADA project, by being called for the second phase, either. In the buildings that make up the central campus, we have designed and built all MEP systems, including smart classrooms and educational systems that can be instantly integrated with the world. Now, the northern campuses are ready to serve the same quality as before.

SinerjiPro has meticulously performed electromechanical works in the foundation phase of the Dede Korkut cCampus of the university which attracted the attention of the world with its international relations and diplomacy education at European standards.

SinerjiPro has taken part in the 2nd phase of the university, which has achieved great progress since 2007 when it started education and managed to increase both the diversity and quality of its education. In this section, our company has completed all the works of electromechanical works perfectly with an organization of 300 people.

We are proud to take part in ADA University, a university which is, in addition to being a modern and high-tech architectural project, the enlightment project of the Repulbic of Azerbaijan.