SinerjiPro has completed the turn-key of another investment that will add great power to Azerbaijan’s health tourism potential.

The 45 thousand square meter hotel, where we have undertaken electromechanical works with a team of 400 people, is now waiting for new guests.

Our work has been completed at the Thermal Hotel in Lenkeran, one of the most important thermal tourism hotels in Azerbaijan.

At the Lenkeran Thermal Hotel, we worked as the contractor of PAŞA İnşaat (PMD), a high quality construction and building company of Paşa Holding, one of the most important companies in Azerbaijan.

We worked with a team of 400 people at the Lenkeran Spa Hotel, one of the major construction areas of SinerjiPro abroad.

Our works at Lenkeran Thermal Hotel, which will become an important source of healing of our sister country in the near future, covering a total of 2.500 square meters, have been completed within the promised time. With its excellent technical infrastructure and system operation logic, the giant facility, which is ready for service, has become one of the exemplary structures of Azerbaijan in its field. Lenkeran Thermal Hotel is a new source of happiness and pride for SinerjiPro.