TV8 International’s business / economic program “Şehrin Nabzı”, which brings the success of the business world to the masses, was in our Istanbul office.

Program presenter Fatoş Karaot listened to the story of SinerjiPro from our Chairman Ufuk Aydın and our General Manager Serkan Kurnazoğlu in our headquarters in Istanbul.

Our General Manager Kurnazoğlu made detailed explanations about the areas of activity, completed and ongoing projects of our company. Kurnazoğlu emphasized the activities of SinerjiPro, especially in high-tech buildings and stated that our company updates itself in terms of both technology and information every year.

Our Chairman, Ufuk Aydın also summarized our companies activities, especially focusing on the ones abroad.

Underlining that SinerjiPro has now been active for over 13 years in Azerbaijan, Aydın defined our company as a “Soldier of Economy” of Turkey and added “We think the slogan of “One Nation, Two States” is of utmost importance. Happily for us, the young people have also grasped the deep meaning of these words and working towards it. I am very pleased and honored to be in Azerbaijan”.

We would like to thank TV8 International and the “Şehrin Nabzı” team for the interest they’ve shown in our company.